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RSDAS (ROAD SAFETY DRIVER ACCREDITATION SYSTEM) membership comes for just Rs 500 and is renewable on 1st January of every year. It qualifies for income tax exemption (50% as per 80G and 100% as per 35AC, as per program assigned).

General public / individuals may become member of RSDAS by paying this amount. They get free Truck Dial Loyalty Card, Membership certificate, and access to database of skilled, certified RSDAS drivers which they can use to employ RSDAS certified drivers for their personal use vehicle.

Drivers are also encouraged to take RSDAS membership, by paying Rs 500 where they get RSDAS Certificate, Badge, fresh or refresher training on RSDAS by our RSDAS Franchisees in cities convenient to them, ID card, Truck Dial Free Loyalty Card among other benefits. Their credentials like figure prints are verified with Aadhar database, Driving Licence, ID, Photo, Residence proof are also verified and stored in database. In addition, their bio data is prepared and uploaded on RSDAS website, which becomes accessible to individuals for corporate increasing their chances of employment.

RSDAS membership is however not advisable to corporate as RSDAS is limited to individuals – whether drivers or general citizens and is highly subsidized. For corporate / firms, membership into Road Safety Partnership is suggested.