Truck Dial’s franchisees can be broker transporters, forwarders, spares & equipment leasing companies or simply genuine business may be unrelated to transportation. Business is business, which requires loyalty, hardwork, smart work and commitment. Profit automatically follows. Apart from franchisee fees, we expect franchisee to have small-medium but decent office may be with commercial vehicle parking space. We also expect franchisees to have small team of 1 telecaller, 2-3 sales executives as per territory handled. …

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Logistic Service


Franchisee is customer facing arm of organization and is expected to (1) approach transport related businesses in his area and list them on Truck Dial listing platform for monthly small fee (2) Build relationship with booking agent transporters (3) Develop fixed schedule part truck load business in his area (4) acquire and fulfil home-office relocation leads (5) Act as forwarder, develop shipping business in his area (6) List used commercial vehicles on Truck Dial platform, certify them, arrive at vehicle valuation and help on ground sales …

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Truck Dial offers following commission types (1) Lead Generation commission – 7.5% (2) Lead Fulfilment Commission – 7.5% (3) Royalty Commission – 10% (4) Quality Commission – 5% (5) Annual Commission – 5% (6) Monthly Commission – 10% (7) Spot Incentive commission – 5% (8) Back end commission – 10%. … The commission structure is designed to provide basic fixed commission, monthly incentives, quarterly and annual lump sum payments and payments towards adhering to uniform brand guidelines, customer…

sms: LD F   to   092-123-567-65